Architects and Construction Managers must constantly adapt to market requirements. The objective is twofold: to acquire the tools and reflexes to succeed in the transition to BIM and stand out in a competitive environment in response to client needs. In our training rooms in Portland, or on your office, benefit from courses tailored to your needs from beginner to expert. Let our professional trainers guide your team through the best practices of integrating BIM into your workflow.

Fanny Angeles is a Principal Partner at SXD as well as a BIM Manager and Instructor with 6 years of experience managing projects all over the world. With formal training as an architect she is able to support a project’s design efficiency with Building Information Modeling for owners, architects, engineers, contractors, and facility managers. As an instructor, has taught over 100 BIM seminars and she is passionate about making BIM accessible to all of a project’s stakeholders.


This course series will focus on the shift in process necessary to effectively design, manage, and construct architectural projects using building information modeling. Content will cover the challenges and opportunities a BIM process presents for each stakeholder in the project process and how owners, facility managers, architects, engineers, and contractors can best use BIM. Our instructor will help you identify adjustments to your project process necessary for success with BIM, from training personal, hardware and software, to BIM implementation.

Single Day or Multiple Seminar Courses Available
AIA CES: learning units expected
5–20 Attendees


Autodesk Revit courses range from basic project development in Revit focusing on the transition from 2D CAD to Advanced Family and Component library building.

Single Day or Multiple Seminar Courses Available
AIA CES: learning units expected
1–5 Attendees


Want a brief overview of BIM and its capabilities? Let us join you for a lunch presentation where our instructor will cover BIM basics or a specific topic of interest.

1 Hour Presentation
AIA CES: 1 Learning Units expected